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Environmental compliance and certifications

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Universities research and industries coordination

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Knowhow and license for mineral and industrial companies

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Welcome to AKM

We are a German based company, registered on our shareholders experiences in West Germany

We are competitive

We believe that being competitive is adding value on the market. And we aim to maximize that value for our customers, by using our skills and expertise to drive enhanced efficiency.

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01.our history

We are a professional, experienced, and dedicated engineering group which followed the natural course and teamed up to evolve in what we want to think as the 'ultimate engineering capacity providers'.


Our team of specialists have excellent application skills in mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, and railway industries. From reviewing and advising on all kind of processes, to implementation, organization, and operate all kind of detailed engineering services, we're ready to outstand ourselves.

03.our mission

We believe in long-term relationships. Therefore, our mission is to establish and maintain that, with you, our partner.

04.our values

We are commited to our service. But in order to do that, we must first gather all or our knowledge, add it up to the impressive experience, and use that to approach the needs of partners with flexible professionalism and an understanding of what the real and complex business need is.

We are commited to our partners

by delivering successful contracts acording to specifications, within schedule, and respecting the budget.

Engineering solutions for the mining industry

We provide services to a range of industry sectors, including mining, cement, and industrial materials.

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Design and fabrication processes applied in the oil&gas, and petrochemical industry

Engineering design, manufacture and construction solutions in mechanical, piping, structural, & precision engineering disciplines.

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Procurement services

We have enough resources and experience for purchasing of all kind of material and equipments.

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Rent or buy, wagons or equimpemt, maintenance services -- it's all about wagons.

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providing personalized and high quality services.

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